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In case you missed my last post, my paranormal shifter romance is now available!

You can find out more about Red Hood at Evernight, Amazon, Goodreads, or my website!

Fic Index

I've created this index of all my stories in an attempt to make finding stories easier on anyone who may be interested.  Some of the stories are locked, so if you wish to read them just friend me and I'll friend you back. No need to ask.

General categories are given to the stories, but angst doesn't mean dark and suicidal. Just kind of melancholy. And gen was the only explanation I could come up with for a story that isn't steeped in one overall emotion. It's just a story, if that makes any sense. Please read summaries for more details regarding a particular story.

11/28/2013 - If you see anything "disappear" in the future, it's probably because I'm working on turning it into something publishable. You can keep track of what's going to the big-time on my website or in the Published Works sticky post.

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Why Not?

Did you hear the story of the little girl who found a sword in a lake in Cornwall? The one in which the Lady of the Lake watches over Excalibur? Since fate has decided a little girl should be the next ruler of Britain, I think we should give it a try over on this side of the pond. It couldn't be any worse than what we've already got.



The new terms of service are alarming, and I'm not 100% sure how it would affect me considering I'm a permanent account and it appears the new TOS is aimed at unpaid users. I don't write fanfic here anymore, but this site could be deleted by lj for questionable content or something so...

I talk about my published writing here from time to time. I'm still working at it!

Most of what is on LJ can be found on Archive of Our Own here. My name is Zanne over there.

I also have most of this archived on Dreamwidth here. My name is zannes over there.

Otherwise, save what you want in case it's gone tomorrow. Blogspot Z would be lost, so all of our adventures during the honeymoon years of Supernatural may be internet space dust someday soon.

This is like the end of an era, literally. Supernatural is what got me involved here and that show is nearly a teenager. Since I have a permanent account, my shingle will remain hanging here until this site goes down in flames, but I won't be using it much, not like I use it much anymore anyhow.

Thank you for reading over the last decade plus!

Classroom Parent Part 3

The parent sent a note today to attach to the IEP demanding that her daughter be able to use the health office bathroom because she's afraid of the regular bathroom.

No she is fucking NOT afraid of the bathroom. She uses it all the damn time. This is total growth for her because Mom is the one who had never let this girl go to the bathroom by herself before so it was no wonder she was nervous having to go to the bathroom alone.

Mom had come up with this "scared" story two years ago and wanted that in the notes at that time. Since she hadn't continued to request it and the daughter obviously didn't need it, it wasn't brought up again. Now she's requested it once more, after the fact, and the psychologist told me to talk to the parent and tell her that the girl is not afraid of going to the bathroom since the parent is still under the impression she is, though we'll attach her request to the IEP.

I might as well go bang my head against a tree, it'll do just as much good. Rather than celebrating the fact that her daughter can use the reguar bathroom, she'll terrify that girl into being afraid to use it again because the parent has issues with a capital Newsweek.She wants that child sheltered and entirely dependent on her. I honestly don't want to tell the parent because she'll destroy all that progress we've made in this small area.

Fuck this. I am beyond aggravated with this woman.

More Classroom Parent Shenanigans

Yep, just as suspected. My favorite school parent dropped off her Christmas presents to everyone else today, except for me and my instructional assistant (who has also been vocal about letting the daughter be more independent). I just keep telling myself there's only 5 more months of this petty bullshit and I can wash my hands of this parent forever.

Boy, I can't wait to see what I don't get at the end of the year! Maybe I should be extra adamant about teaching her daughter to be more independent to see how big and expensive I can get the other teacher's end-of-year gift! :-)

Work Rant

I am so tired of the petty bullshit from this one parent that I'm counting down the months until her child graduates. Don't get me wrong, I love the kid, but the mom is a piece of work.  I've talked about my working relationship with this parent before - this is the mother who has severely curbed her daughter's independence to the point the girl can literally not do anything on her own, even brush her own hair - and I've been getting more vocal about how her daughter needs to learn life skills so she can be as independent as she possibly can be since she'll be going into high school next year. Mom has not appreciated my relatively diplomatic candor.

We recently had the first part of her child's latest IEP meeting. So, what happens? Right before the meeting, she gives her child's other teacher, who only has her one period out of the day (and let me tell you, I hear from that teacher all of the time about how that student drives her INSANE and she doesn't know how I do it since I have the student nearly all day), a gift wrapped present. The other teacher laughs and shows the bag to me as I'm walking to the meeting, because we both know what this parent is like so it's not like I take it personally after this long. During the meeting, though it seems to pain the parent to say so, she admits to how much growth her child has shown in my class and how it was a good environment for her child. The next day, the other teacher is cracking up and tells me I need to come to her room to see what was in the bag. The second I walk in the door I say, "Let me guess, it's something that says world's best teacher on it, right?" She just laughs even harder and pulls a mug out of the gift bag that says BEST TEACHER EVER.

Because that? That is exactly how that mom operates. If she's pleased with you or wants to ingratiate herself with you, she'll give you little gifts, but if she's pissed with you, she'll give even bigger gifts to other people and make sure you know it. This is not about the things, the gifts, the whatevers, this is about this reward/punishment game this parent has going on with her child's educators. She'd rather punish her child's teacher for telling her she needs to take a step back and let her child grow up and be able to take care of herself at least a little, rather than actually listen to what is being said, open her eyes, and see that she's hurting her child more than helping her by making her child so dependent upon her.

I'm just so tired of it. It's not like these petty machinations hurt me, but it's that the parent hopes that they do. How can you act so childishly toward someone who is trying so hard to help your child be able to take care of herself? What is so wrong in trying to help your child be able to do things by herself?